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          I’ve always been fond of collecting stamps since I was a little child. As far as I’m concerned, collecting stamps is a meaningful hobby, making my spare time interesting and exciting. Besides, when reviewing my collection of valuable stamps, my heart if filled with great sense of satisfaction and I can relax myself and keep away from the great pressure of school study life. Although my parents are strongly against my hobby for they consider it as a waste of money and they also think that searching for stamps may take up much of my time, which should be spent on my studies, I will try my best to communicate with them patiently and I believe they will understand and support me eventually.


          户外运动 --- (健康话题)If the weather is fine, I will always spend my weekends jogging in a park to breathe fresh air which can refresh my mind and make energetic enough to concentrate better on my study.

          团队运动 --- (与人相处话题)Playing basketball / volleyball / football with your classmates after school will be a good idea, which will be of great help to not only keep you physically strong but build up team work spirit and deepen the friendship between you and your friends.



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